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Germany accuses Russia of taking “the world.” in hostage “… using hunger


Germany accused Russia on Friday of taking “the whole world.” in hostage “and of having used hunger as a” weapon of war “, during a conference in Berlin aimed at finding” solutions “to the food crisis caused by the military operation in Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbock said Moscow is “deliberately using famine as a weapon of war” and taking over “the whole world. in hostage “, warning of a real” tsunami “of famine that could hit some countries, according to the AFP.

Barbuk also added that the conference seeks to “provide solutions” such as accelerating Ukraine’s food exports via alternative routes from the Black Sea.

leader of 40 countries

It is noteworthy that the conference entitled “Meeting for Global Food Security “will be held ahead of the Group of Seven Leaders Summit, which begins on Sunday in Bavaria. It will be attended by leaders from 40 countries, including the United States, and countries hard hit by the crisis, such as Nigeria, Tunisia and Indonesia.

The consultations also focus on increasing aid to the most affected countries, without presenting the event as a donor conference.

Moscow denies

It is noteworthy that the Russian military operation in Ukraine, including the blockade imposed on Black Sea ports, has led to a rise in food prices and contributed to the rise in global inflation.

On the other hand, Russia denies it has blocked the shipping route, stating that Western sanctions are contributing to the food crisis.

The US Secretary of State found this to be an invalid argument. “Since the first day in which we have imposed sanctions on Russia due to its military operation in Ukraine, we have excluded food, fertilizers and everything related to their delivery from these sanctions, ”Anthony Blinken said during a press conference on Friday evening.

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Barbock stressed on Friday that “Russia exported nearly the same amount of wheat as the previous year, so the Russian narrative that G7 sanctions are the reason for the rise in global food prices is unfounded.”

He also added that the Environment Ministry indicated that Russia could “allow wheat to pass through Odessa or simply stop this war, but we are urgently trying to find alternative ways.”

Trouble changing lanes

These alternative routes can pass through Poland, but Barbük said: “We are addressing the lane change problem (via train), which takes longer “, adding:” That’s why we chose the route through Romania because we can step up the river navigation there. “

In turn, Turkey is trying to allow grain deliveries across the Black Sea to resume. The Defense Ministry said four-party talks in this sense could take place in Turkey with the participation of Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations “in the coming weeks”.

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