Germany Covid: Berlin bans unvaccinated from entertainment venues, as country battles record-breaking cases

By next week die who are not fully vaccinated are excluded from some of entertainment sites in Berlin, the city’s Senate announced on Wednesday, when it expanded the so-called “2G” rules die bar people without two shots of entry.

Outdoors events with more than 2,000 visitors will also to be offlimits for unvaccinated adults, officials said.

The move comes amid an escalation in rhetoric against not vaccinated people by national ministers in Germany, where vaccination roll-out has fallen behind several European neighbors in the West.

Daily reported cases of Covid-19

Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a video message posted on the countries government website late Wednesday, said that “in Germany, unfortunately I have to say that our vaccination rate is not high enough to prevent the fast scatter of the virus,” urge swift action at national level to stimulate the roll-out.

Germany has fully vaccinated 66.7% of to be population, departing one in three people unprotected.

Infections have skyrocketed in recent days; the country’s seven-day incidence rate increased to 249.1 cases per 100,000 people on Thursday, up of 154.5 cases a week ago.

Hospital admissions and deaths remain at a much lower level than in earlier peaks, but growing concern over gaps in the vaccination of the country coverage as moves the winter months in.

Germany offers everyone booster shots amid 'very disturbing' wave in cases

Health Minister Jens Spahn said the country was experiencing a “massive” pandemic of the unvaccinated, an early signal that the government is directly unprotected targeting people until join the vaccine program.

Merkel also called wednesday for a meeting between the 16 federal state prime ministers ‘as soon as’ possible” until ensure ”harmonious” measures at national level. The German Federal State Prime Ministers are in the first place responsible for impose and lift restrictions, but the new parliament on Thursday is debate on whether or not to reverse the corona measures of the national level of regional leaders.

In a hurdle to its efforts to expand the rollout, the German Vaccine Commission advised: people under 30 are only vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 shot, after it was a higher number of cases of heart inflammation in younger people who received Moderna in place of Pfizer.

In a news Edition on On Wednesday, STIKO said its recommendation applied to both the initial vaccination and any other possible booster jabs. “Even if a different vaccine has been used before, further vaccinations” should being given with Comirnaty [Pfizer/BioNTech],” it said.

CNN’s Martin Goillandeau contributed to reporting.

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