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Germany is looking to hire foreign workers to fill an airport shortage in the summer season


A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said Germany wants to bring foreign workers as soon as possible to alleviate the shortage of workers at airports during the busy summer season.

During a press conference in Berlin on Monday, the spokesperson added that temporary workers will have to meet the same standard safety and efficiency of other employees such as baggage handlers. The procedures generally take about two weeks. The job offer will include accommodation and basic pay.

Travelers in all of Europe have to do long queues, above all questsummer, as travel returns to full capacity after the COVID-19 lockdown. Airports and airlines are facing a problem in hiring enough workers to deal with the crisis.

According to the Airports Association (AVD), about one in five jobs in the security, check-in and aircraft management is vacant.

Airports are expected to determine their needs in the coming days, but the head of the ABL Association of Aircraft Ground Handling Workers expects 1,000 to 2,000 workers will be admitted for three months, likely starting in August.

The desire for quick assistance is in contrast with the need to ensure airport security and Interior Minister Nancy Wieser stressed that there will be no complacency in this regard.

Andreas Roscoff, head of the German Police Association, said newly hired foreign workers could be assigned tasks such as baggage handling, but put in guard against trying to put them in safer places.

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