Germany is plagued by Turkish “gray” passports. What’s his story?

The German authorities continue to conduct security investigations with around 30 people, die are from Turkey after announcing they are using the “Service” passport in entered the country. This is a temporary travel document that die Turkish government issues its employees, die work abroad and that enables them die entry in many countries without having to apply for a transit visa.

Although Berlin is investigating dozens of Turks, die who came to Germany with “service” passports can, according to the preliminary results of the German investigation, their number in Reality are in the hundreds, according to the local prosecutor Dw, the Arabic-speaking channel.

The Turkish “service” passport is in in reference to die The color of its cover sheet is known as the “gray” passport and is obtained by all persons to whom Ankara assigns special tasks outside its borders in order to facilitate their movement, especially since its holder enjoys privileges, including exemption from obtaining travel visas, die normally imposed on passport holders. Turkish travel.

Two Turkish sources revealed two possibilities in Regarding “gray” passports.

Failure of the persons to whom Ankara has issued “Service” passports, die to continue with the tasks assigned to them die first option, die them upon their arrival in Germany asked to seek asylum.

The two sources also did not rule out that influential figures from the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were behind the issuing of “gray” passports to some Turks in exchange for large sums of money, which is what die second option is.

While Berlin continues its investigation to find out how scores and perhaps hundreds of Turks received “service” passports, Ankara has temporarily suspended its “service” passports “to avoid abuse,” reported Turkish state media.

Usually give die Turkish authorities non-diplomats “gray” passports, however in in recent years some of their owners have refused to in die To return to Turkey after using them to reach European countries.

In April last year, 43 out of 45 Turks refused to in to return to their country after they in Environmental training missions, die organized by the Turkish community of Yesiliyurt, in Germany had arrived, which raised suspicions about how they had received their passports.

The Bavarian security authorities announced that they are investigating 30 people die are suspected of having these passports at the entry of at least 213 people from Turkey in German territory to be involved.

In response, the Turkish Interior Ministry announced that it was conducting investigations into “service” passports after Turkish citizens refused to do so after completing their foreign service. in returning to their country, however, has not yet announced its results.

The Turkish communities have signed agreements with foreign non-governmental organizations to organize training trips for some of their employees as part of cultural, environmental and youth programs.

The prosecutor’s office in the German city of Hanover confirmed to the German news agency that one person, Ersin K., is accused of sending false invitations (from July 30 to August 1, 2020) to several people from Turkey, die them die Entry into Germany was made possible without a visa with passports. Gray “they had.

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