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Germany. Steel workers organize warning strike

The Tageschau website reported that 200,000 workers took part in warning strikes organized by the German steelworkers’ union, demanding higher wages in response to price hikes caused by sanctions against Russia.

The website, citing the head of the Industrial Workers’ Union, indicated that the union is demanding an 8 percent wage increase, a demand that enjoys widespread support from the workers.

More than 200,000 workers in the steel and electrical industries took part in the strike, according to the Tageschau website, who briefly stopped work as a precautionary step.

The head of the Industrial Workers’ Union said broad participation showed that workers were united in their demands for higher wages, noting that about 83,000 workers from about 400 institutions, including BMW, Ford, participated on Friday. and Porsche.

The union is demanding an eight percent wage increase for 3.8 million workers in Germany’s industrial sector.

Meanwhile, business owners believe they are struggling with soaring energy and raw material prices amid sanctions against Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti


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