Germany: We have seen some signs that Putin wants to end the war in Ukraine

German Foreign Minister Analina Baerbock said she saw some signs that Putin wants to end the war in Ukraine.

Birbock told the German weekly Bild am Sonntag last week that he had no hope of reaching a quick truce in Ukraine, adding: “Nobody except Russian President Vladimir Putin started this war, and if Putin wants the war it will end tomorrow.”

The German minister added that the Russian president should only issue an order to withdraw the soldiers, but indicated that there are no sincere signs that this is happening.

Berbock objected to a truce in Russian terms, explaining that such a step would not end “the horror of the citizens of Ukraine, but the opposite will happen”.

The German foreign minister also said that the situation of Ukrainians in areas conquered by Russian forces is worse: “Not only is there a lack of electricity and heating, but international aid is not arriving. Citizens live in fear every day,” he said.

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