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Germany’s position has changed . Will it take the stick off the wheel of the Russian oil embargo?


After a major shift in the position of Germany, Russia’s largest energy consumer, the European Union is preparing sanctions on Russian oil sales on Monday that could deprive Moscow of an important source of revenue. in few days.

This week, the European Commission will propose a sixth EU sanctions package against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, including a possible embargo on the purchase of Russian oil.

At a meeting on Wednesday, ambassadors from EU countries will discuss proposals for oil sanctions against Russia.

But the decision could face challenges, as Hungary has said it will not vote on EU measures that threaten the security of its oil or gas supplies. in referring to its dependence on imports from Russia.

Hungary was among the few European countries to agree to Moscow’s demands to pay in rubles Russian gas. After an emergency meeting of EU Energy Ministers yesterday, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson said that paying in Russian currency would violate EU sanctions.

German Minister of Economy and Climate Action Robert Habeck said on Monday that his country is ready to support a Russian oil embargo, but that this should be well prepared and that it should be taken. in taking into account the dependence of the other EU countries on Russian supplies.

The German minister said he heard different things about the Russian oil embargo and some European countries were against it.

He stressed that some European countries are not independent in the oil sector and said: “We don’t want to cause an economic disaster.”

Kiev claims that Russia’s energy exports to Europe so far in largely exempt from international sanctions, they are funding the Kremlin war effort, generating millions of euros a day.

“This package should include clear measures to block Russia’s income from energy resources,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his nightly video message.

European foreign affairs official Josep Borrell instead announced on Monday during a visit to Panama that the sixth package of European sanctions against Moscow will include the exclusion of “other Russian banks” from the SWIFT system for international financial transactions.

Borrell said during a press conference that these sanctions are related to the “banking sector . there are other Russian banks that will leave Swift . In the energy sector, we are working on the preparation of proposals that would allow to limit energy imports from the Russia, in particularly oil “.

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