Get Ready for Unconventional Dating: Stream ‘Naked Attraction’ on Max Today!

Experience “Dating in Reverse” with the Unconventional Dating Show “Naked Attraction”

Get Ready for Unconventional Dating Stream 'Naked Attraction' on Max Today!

Are you tired of using popular dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and OKCupid? Perhaps giving “dating in reverse” a shot could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Unconventional Dating Shows on the Rise

The realm of reality dating shows has expanded with the rise of unconventional series such as “Love is Blind,” “FBoy Island,” “Dated & Related,” and “MILF Manor.” In this surge of popularity, the U.K.’s “Naked Attraction” takes a straightforward approach by showcasing uncensored full frontal nudity. This daring show can now be streamed on Max.

Popular Even on “The View”

The immense popularity of “Naked Attraction” is evident as it even became a subject of discussion on the widely watched talk show, “The View.” Co-host Sunny Hostin candidly admitted her obsession with the show, stating that she and her colleagues indulged in an entire binge-watching session. She further expressed amazement at the intriguing discoveries she made while watching the show, deeming it one of the most captivating experiences she had ever witnessed.

Stream “Naked Attraction” on Max

Since 2016, the daring dating show “Naked Attraction” has been captivating audiences on Channel 4, a renowned British broadcast network. However, with minimal fanfare, the show has now found its way onto Max, an online streaming platform available for a subscription starting at $9.99 per month. Even if you are not currently a subscriber, fret not. You can indulge in the risqué content of “Naked Attraction” by availing yourself of a free seven-day trial offered by Prime Video.

Starting Where a Good Date Often Ends

The captivating concept of “Naked Attraction,” as revealed in the censored trailer above, revolves around the idea of beginning where a typical successful date usually concludes: in the nude.

Guided by the charismatic host, British TV personality Anna Richardson, the show follows a unique format. A single contestant, referred to as the “chooser,” is presented with six potential dating partners concealed within vibrantly colored semi-transparent booths, completely naked. As the unveiling progresses from their feet to their faces, the chooser eliminates candidates based on their physical attributes until only two or three potential matches remain. In an intriguing twist, the chooser also disrobes, allowing the contenders to critique their body before the final decision is made. Subsequently, the selected pair (and sometimes even a trio) embarks on a fully clothed date, returning afterward to share their experiences and reflections.

If you possess the courage to explore this boundary-pushing series, the first six seasons of “Naked Attraction,” well-known for its explicit content, can be streamed on Max. In the United Kingdom, the seventh season is currently airing. Each season consists of up to 10 episodes. Should you wish to watch this daring dating show, a seven-day trial is available for free through Prime Video.

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