Get the Best Online Co-op Experience with Payday 2: The Robbery of the Century on Sale for Less than €1!

The robbery of the century… for less than €1!

Question, in recent years, what has been your best online co-op experience? Over time, the genre has welcomed a lot of pretty nuggets. We can for example cite Dead by Daylight – and its close cousins ​​(Friday the 13th, Evil Dead The Game) – with son “asymmetrical gameplay”, where several players must escape from a last overpowered colleague; also: impossible to miss Among Us, a game phenomenon where it is better to know how to kill AND lie in order not to be suspected… The category of shooters also contains some essentials (Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty Warzone). Among them: there is one who has had a particularly long life, and who continues to rock the house! It’s Payday 2, famous multiplayer heist title.

The robbery of the century… for less than €1!

Whether on I’m talking about it today, it’s because Payday 2 is currently the subject of a – very – nice reduction on PC (Steam) as part of the summer sales. Until July 13, 2023, the game from Starbreeze studios is offered at instead of €9.99 on Valve’s sales platform. In other words, it’s a discount of -90%! As a reminder: Payday throws you into a bunch of heists with three of your friends. Everything is allowed to achieve your goals, soft way like the more muscular approach.

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