Get your gris weapon in Rainbow Six Siege before it’s too late

Rainbow Six Siege, in which teams of highly skilled killer machines use high tech weapons, super cool skills and hand signals to kill the other side, has turned out to be … pretty interesting? a tribute to another studio with a skin for an in-game weapon. It is for Gris who won the Games for Impact Award at the Game Awards 2019 on Thursday evening.

It’s all well and good, and we love it when developers approach colleagues who have done it well, but Gris is decidedly unoccupied. It is a thoughtful, top-class indie game about confronting your own fears. It is also, as Kotaku helpful for Ubisoft Montreal, absolutely non-violent.

“Gris is a game that wants to teach us about the fears we have within us,” wrote polygon reviewer Charlie Hall last December. “This happens with a beautiful art style, a moving soundscape and a gameplay that sometimes turns into metaphors.”

Perfect candidate for a submachine gun!

Fuck it all? I don’t know that Duke Nukem appears in Journey.

The skin is for the operator Ela and gives her Scorpion Evo SMG a beautiful, thoughtful coat made of rainbow colors as well as the logo of the game. The design is also an in-game charm for Ela. Players have until Sunday, December 15th to request this (it’s free to just log in).

Gris developer Nomada Studio apparently has no relationship with Ubisoft (in fact Devolver Digital was the publisher of the game). So we’re not sure who suggested whom to this crossover or why, but it closes in 2019 as one of the most bizarre collaborations of the year. I mean, even Shovel Knight has no equipment under siege and he’s in everything.

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