Ghana bite South Africa with Ayo’s goal and advance to the finals of the World Cup qualifiers in Africa

Accra: Ghana joined the qualifying ranks for the final round of the African qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar next year, after winning a difficult and precious 1-0 victory over his host South Africa, today, Sunday, in the sixth (final) round of the qualifying round, which also saw a 1-1 draw with the hosts of Ethiopia. 2018 has come in head of the group, having raised his score to 13 points, after having outclassed his closest opponents, South Africa, tied with him in the same balance and goal difference. Both teams had the same goal difference (4+), for which i was used goal scored by both teams during the group journey, according to the qualification list, in so that the Ghanaian team took the lead, after scoring 7 goals in their six group games, compared to the 6 goals scored by the South African team, whose injuries were aggravated by this failure, which comes a few months later his failure to reach the finals of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon early next year. the national team owes this victory to veteran star Andre Ayew, who scored the only goal of the match in the 33rd minute with a penalty. The ten group leaders of the group stage qualify for the final tournament, where they are divided in two levels in based on the FIFA team rankings, where the prime five teams qualify for the finals, and the other five teams are tier two Each tier one team will meet one of the tier two teams in two home and return matches next March, provided the winner of the two matches qualifies for the World Cup in Qatar.

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