Ghislaine Maxwell defense invokes Adam and Eve story as his trial opens

At the beginning of Ghislaine Maxwell’s federal trial, prosecutors claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s partner helped him devise a “pyramid scheme” of sexual abuse while she defense claimed that Maxwell was a scapegoat for Epstein’s crimes.

After the 18-member jury sat down on US Assistant Attorney Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz gave her testimony on Monday out the government opening topics with a story of Jane – a reference to three named minor victims in the denunciation only as “Jane Doe” – who met “Dangerous predators” Epstein and Maxwell at the age of 14 and was lured in to “nightmare” from an offer of a bag of studio.

Maxwell created a “culture of silence” in that Epstein’s employees owed “See nothing, say nothing” as the “pyramid scheme of abuse” invited the girls to bring in other girls, Pomerantz argued.

Epstein and Maxwell had one “Game book” to earn the trust of the girls, aiming for the struggling daughters of single mothers, e using the “lid” of massage to lure them into sex, Pomerantz said, adding that they attracted girls in with a promise of a brighter future, then destroyed their lives.

Maxwell “knew exactly what he was doing”, Pomerantz said.

Selected jury in Ghislaine Maxwell process

TO KNOW MORE: Selected jury in Ghislaine Maxwell process

To conduct defense counsel Bobbi Sternheim urged jurors not to put Maxwell on on process for Epstein’s crimes. The financier and sex offender reportedly committed suicide in in Manhattan jail in August 2019.

“Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam for the apple, women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men And women they are often mistreated and punished more compared to men never am “ Sternneim said.

Epstein is the “elephant in the room” consuming the whole process, but the jury is here to judge not him but Maxwell, Sternheim said. He described Epstein as “like a 21-century James Bond “ whose mystery aroused interest e attracted the rich and famous – and those who to have “Agitated the money tree.”

claiming that prosecutors I do not have prove but “memory” of the alleged victims, Sterhneim told jurors that “false memory” it can be manipulated and created over weather. The government case is stitched together by “Paper scraps” of four different stories, with The only common denominator among the alleged victims is that “had big payments “ from the Epstein fund.

“What you will hear are stories that are based on words and just words ” Sternheim said. “There will be no prove substantial for support the accusations “.

Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and charged with six sex trafficking counts under the Mann Act. United States District Judge Alison Nathan, presiding over the process, limited public And media access to the proceedings, and has decided to obscure some prove and transcripts on the reasons that would only serve to satisfy a “craves for what is sensational and impure ”.

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