“Ghosts of Afghanistan “.. The documentary reveals the consequences of the 20 years war

Al-Arabiya is broadcasting an interesting documentary film entitled “Ghosts of Afghanistan ” in coinciding with the American withdrawal from Kabul.

The documentary is conducted by former Canadian war correspondent Graeme Smith, who has spent dozens of years in Afghanistan where he worked for non-governmental organizations after following the war, to show viewers the aftermath of the war in Afghanistan 20 years after the events of 9/11. , 2001.

Graeme Smith begins by explaining the stated reasons and motives that prompted Canada to participate in this war, which resulted in the deaths of 158 Canadian soldiers and the wounding of over 2,000. in one of the bloodiest wars since World War II, and how violence has escalated in Afghan society to this day.

The documentary follows Graeme Smith in his interviews with a number of active Afghan men and women in Various fields to express in a true form is the nature of the economic, social and political conditions in Afghanistan from the control of the Taliban. Guests also explain how NATO has failed to bring democracy, women’s rights and freedom to the country.

The former war correspondent completes his investigation and risks traveling in Taliban territory to pass on the image from there, showing how the movement has continued to control the areas more and more and then manages to film exclusive interviews with Taliban leaders.

At the end of the documentary, Graeme concludes that the current turmoil in Afghanistan makes the hope of one elusive pace and that Afghans are less enthusiastic than ever about “eternal wars”.

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