Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.00 – Patch Notes on October 11, 2022

October is the spookiest month of the year, and in Japan it’s also known as “kan-na-zuki” – the month of no gods.
Legend says it got that name because during this month, the gods traveled to a location far from Tokyo for a meeting. So, it’s only fitting that this month, Tango’s spooky action adventure gets its biggest content update yet!
Since launch, players have taken incredible screenshots with Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Photo Mode. We’ve loved seeing your skills, passion, and creativity; and in this update, we want to give you even more tools to capture great pictures in-game.


We’ve added a suite of new features and options to Photo Mode, including the ability to pause enemies, move Akito in Selfie Mode, and even change the time of day for screenshots! Plus, we’ve included some new camera controls and effect features for better color control over your shots.
The Photo Mode interface has been completely redesigned: features are now within tabs for ease of use, and we’ve added a “Quick Photo Mode” keybind to better take shots on the fly. Below, we’ll explain each item under the new tabs, and denote the new features.


  • PC: Default “P”
  • PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller: Press Right on the D-Pad

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Camera Table EN


Three new camera filters have been added: “Blue Monday,” “Red Moon,” and “Cinema Projector.”


With these new Photo Mode features, the world is your canvas—and to further get you into the art-making mood, on Wednesday, October 19 at 11 AM ET / 3 PM UTC (Thursday, October 20 at 12 AM JST), an all-new emote and costume will unlock for all players:
  • The Perfect Shot Emote: Always have your camera ready. This one looks a little familiar…
  • Artist’s Suit Costume: Don’t be afraid of looking stylish in this purple suit.

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ArtistsSuit ThePerfectShot3


For the PC version, this update includes support for Intel’s XeSS AI-enhanced upscaling that enables enhanced performance with high-definition visuals.


We’ve updated the FSR version to FSR2.1. (Only on PC.)
We are aware that some visual graphics-related bugs may occur due to this update to FSR2.1, and we intend to fix those issues in a future patch.