GI Show – Apple Arcade Revisit, community emails, GotY Chat part 6 and an interview with Dontnod

As part of The Game Informer Show this week, we’re going through the video game world and back again. The show starts with Matt Miller and Leo Vader as we talk about our time in Apple Arcade. From new gemstones to old favorites, we have put the service that we have been using for a few months into perspective. Alex Stadnik is the super producer this week.

Next, Joe Juba, Brian Shea, Ben Reeves and Alex Stadnik discuss the results of our competition with me to predict who will take home the win at The Game Awards last week. Let’s just say there is a lot to talk about. And victory here could make you the smartest person in the world.

In the next section, Ben Reeves, Joe Juba and Dan Tack send me community e-mails in which we do the unthinkable: We rate the Mona Lisa.

Then we have the sixth and final part of our game of the year chats, in which I ask the guests which games define their year. I am accompanied by Ben Reeves, Matt Miller and Dan Tack as we try to have some last minute discussions. Below is a list of all the games we’ve covered in the past few weeks. Find these podcasts on your favorite service!

Finally, Joe Juba interviews Michel Koch, Jean-Luc Cano and Raoul Barbet from Dontnod Entertainment. They are some of the brains behind Life is Strange 2, which was recently successfully completed. Joe talks to the team about the game’s creation process. Fans who have already completed Life is Strange 2 should definitely tune in.

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Look at the following timestamps to jump to a specific point in the discussion.

1:02 State of Apple Arcade

34:20 Announcement of the winner of the GI Game Awards bets

56:39 Community emails

2:29:26 GOTY PT 6

3:23:15 Joe Juba discusses Life Is Strange 2 with Dontnod’s creative heads

Covered games:

Game of the year chat game list

Week one

RE 2 remake

Kill the tower

Days have passed

Destiny 2 (only briefly)

Dr. Mario

Sunless sky

Dragon Quest Builders 2


Final Fantasy Shadowbringer

Unnamed goose game

Tetris 99

Second week

fire signs

Super Mario Maker 2

Disco Elysium

Card of darkness

Kingdom Hearts III

Far Cry New Dawn

The outer worlds

Streets of the villain

Week three

Farm together

AC: The fate of Atlantis

Lonely mountains downhill

Nowhere a prophet


Pokemon sword and shield

Monkey out


Week four

astral chain

Apex Legends

Department 2

Revised: Pokémon, goose game, fire sign

Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Week five

Death stranding

Crackdown 3

Luigi’s mansion

Anger 2

Yakuza Rating

War 5 cogwheels

Transport tycoon

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