GI Show – The great games of the decade debate

Welcome to last 2019 Game Informer Show! Given the rapid approach of the 2020s, Leo Vader, Joe Jubba, Ben Reeves, Jeff Cork, and I have made it our mission to examine the Game Informer Game of the Year over the past 10 years and to discuss whether we agree with the choice or not . Was Mass Effect 2 the best game of 2010? Why is the panel Red Dead Redemption 2 leaning against God of War? Is Titanfall 2 the greatest fiction ever given to humanity? Stay up to date until the end of the show to see the exclusive unveiling of our 2019 game!

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Check out the following timestamps to jump to a specific point in the discussion.

2:32 2010 game of the year

10:37 2011 game of the year

17:47 game of the year 2012

May 27, 2013 Game of the Year

38:17 game of the year 2014

49:30 2015 game of the year

1:06:14 game of the year 2016

1:20:53 2017 game of the year

1:33:31 2018 game of the year

1:50:46 Game of the year 2019

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