Giants ofauto: the semiconductor crisis will not end for years

Car manufacturers thought the worst chip shortage would occur in the first half of quest’year, forecasts have extended to the third quarter and now Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG executives have further expanded their assumptions about when the supply problem will cease to limit the production of auto.

“We will likely be in short supply for the next few months or even years because demand for semiconductors is high,” Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said Monday.

He added: “The Internet of Things is growing and it will take time to intensify the ability to meet demand,” according to what he mentioned on Bloomberg TV, and was reviewed by Al

Diess and his Daimler counterpart Ola Källenius have revealed their fears about the current situation as most car manufacturers in Europe gather in Munich for the first fair ofauto since before the outbreak of the epidemic. Kallenius warned on Sunday that the semiconductor shortage may not completely disappear next year and could extend into 2023.

Volkswagen and Mercedes are among the car manufacturers that have suffered plant closures in Malaysia in this quarter, which in recent years have emerged as a major center for i test on foil and packaging, with major suppliers including Infineon Technologies AG, NXP Semiconductors NV and STMicroelectronics NV operating their plants in Malaysia.

Kallenius said there is hope that the situation will start to decline in the fourth quarter, although he expects the fallout from the “structural” demand problem to affect industries as well in 2022. He added that the supply crisis could continue for all. Next year.

For his part, Volkswagen’s head of purchasing, Murat Axel, told reporters on Sunday that the automotive industry around the world will need around 10%. in more than chip manufacturing capacity.

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