Giants release Janoris Jenkins for refusing to recognize “offensive” tweet

Janoris Jenkins is no longer in the Giants after an “offensive” tweet sent to a fan earlier in the week.

“This was an organizational decision,” coach Pat Shurmur said in a statement Friday. From ownership to management in our football businesses, we thought it was in the interest of the franchisee and the player. Obviously, what happened this week and the refusal to recognize inappropriate and offensive language was the determining factor.

Jenkins received a lot of backlash Wednesday when he used the word “delay” in a tweet on a critical fan. He tweeted a fan who was trash talking about playing Jenkins to the Giants, and the corner replied, “I can only do my job … delay.”

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Jenkins downgraded the incident on Thursday when asked about tweeting by reporters.

“Where I come from, we use all kinds of words for slang. If it offends anyone, I’m sorry,” Jenkins said. “It’s a culture I grew up with wherever I’m from, you know what I’m saying, we use all kinds of words for all kinds of loom, if you don’t know, it’s a ‘hood.’ It’s something we use in the hood back home. “

He never got the tweet down, and apologized only after a conversation with Shurmur. Even then, he basically admitted that he only apologized for being told.

“I wasn’t really that bad with it,” Jenkins said. “People like you started taking it and making up stories, so I was just apologizing.”

After deviating from the group on Friday morning, the corner back seemed to respond with joy.

It also seems that someone in the Giants made a joke about the whole situation, playing “Let It Go” from the Frozen movie during practice.

Jenkins had one year and $ 11.25 million remain in his contract prior to his resignation. He was productive this season with 54 fights and four steals.

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