Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik back together? – Fans are convinced after the model gave her mom a soft cry!

Those who still ship Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik believe the model has hinted that they’re back together! The reason they think it’s that Gigi shared her mother’s recipe on social media!

It does not happen until a few weeks after the model and the former member of One Direction got on again.

As you may know, the two have already given their relationship a second chance to break up again!

That being said, if they are indeed an article now, it means they are dating for the third time!

As mentioned earlier, fans drew conclusions as soon as they saw that Gigi had posted a recipe that she really likes and learned from her ex boyfriend’s mother!

She even yelled at him in the mail. Did she really hint that they’re going out again?

Gigi posted a delicious photo of a dish on her GI stories and next to her she wrote: “Sunday in the kitchen, about to marinate the chicken for one of my favorites !!! @ Pasta salad with chicken and mammamalik curry. (I hope she will someday share the receipt with the world). “

Shortly after noticing the message, his subscribers flooded his page with comments like, “I’m telling you that #Zigi is happening again. I am happy. “/” Gigi making Zayn’s mom recipe is really cute. I’m really glad they had a good relationship. »/« Ok Gigi, you can start giving us pictures of Zayn now. “

And that was not even all! Adding even more to the rumors of reconciliation, Zayn’s mother has republished Gigi’s photo on her own story!


And since she went ahead to also share photos of her own cuisine, it convinced people on social networks that the two women were preparing delicious dishes together, in the same kitchen, at the same time!

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