Give back some love and respect by planting trees Esha Deol

Actor and author Esha Deol says that nature is angry with the human race right now and we ought to stop our shenanigans and give back some love and respect, by planting trees. Esha Deol along with her mother veteran actress Hema Malini graced the inauguration of BMC’s ‘Be A Tree Parent’ Mega Foundation Vriksha Campaign In Juhu. Talking about the initiative and lending her full support to tree plantation, Esha said, “We’ve grown up with these trees, I have seen them since my childhood and now when they are up-rooted due to cyclone, it is our duty and responsibility to re-plant them.  I think we’re re-creating history by re-planting a tree. So I would like to urge everyone that the trees we have lost due to cyclone or otherwise, it’s really important to replant trees because I feel that nature is angry with us right now. Nature is angry with humans. It is our duty to respect and give a lot of love to nature, even for a future generation it’s important to plant trees”

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Urban development often comes with cutting trees for new high-rise buildings and Esha Deol says that she doesn’t even understand the idea of it. When asked why trees are being cut in the name of development, Esha said, “I don’t understand the idea of cutting trees for buildings. I have an interest in architect and interior designing and trust me if you could incorporate the trees in the construction and not cut them, your house would look more beautiful and more blessed” Esha Deol took a break from work post her marriage and pregnancy. Recently news was viral that she is planning on making her digital debut with a web series.
When asked about future plans and surprising fans with her digital debut, Esha said, “I love giving surprises, I wrote a book, and no one thought I would write a book. I am someone who is very creative and I cannot sit still, but at the same time, it’s really important to start your family, have babies, but work is something I will always keep doing. And I am looking at good work and good content, which is available today, so why not”
Further, Esha shared a parting message for her fans. “Stay fit, keep working out, which is most important for your mind and everyone, 2020 was bad, this year, hopefully, it’s going to get better but I think everyone should be physically and mentally strong, so do some physical activity every day that is my request”

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