"Global Energy Monitor"Libya has the second longest natural gas pipeline network in Africa.

An international report showed that Libya has the second longest operating gas pipeline network in Africa, but its rating is expected to decline over the years with the launch of several major projects to bring gas to Europe.

A report prepared by the international institute “Global Energy Monitor”, published in December of this year and entitled “The Struggle for African Gas”, states that there are about 31,555 km of gas pipelines on the African continent, while Libya alone has 6,243 km, ranking second. place. Africa, preceded by Algeria, which has the longest operating gas pipeline network at 13,630 km.

As for the third country, it is Egypt with a gas pipeline network of 3545 km, the fourth Nigeria with a network of 3200 km and the fifth Tunisia with a network of 1105 km.

With the exception of Nigeria, the other four countries with the longest operating gas pipeline networks are in North Africa.

The total length of Africa’s gas pipeline infrastructure is 23,932 km, but most of it has not yet been built, and most of the projects are at the proposal stage.

Nigeria is currently leading the construction of a 1,427 km regional gas pipeline under construction.

According to a Global Energy Monitor report, the project, which would then connect the gas pipeline through Nigeria to the proposed Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline, which aims to export natural gas to Europe, known as “Nigal”, in partnership with Algeria, Niger and Nigeria. .

Thus, Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger and Algeria are among the top five countries in terms of the length of the proposed gas pipeline.

This means that Libya’s rating on the length of the gas pipeline network to Europe will decrease, while its offer to join the Nigal project, which passes through the deserts of Niger and Nigeria, is still up in the air.

Source: Libyan portal “Al-Wasat”.