Global health after the uproar over the Wuhan report: we will publish it

Following the uproar and calls for a new investigation, the World Health Organization announced today, Friday, that it would publish the report on the investigation into the origin of corona in China on March 14th or 15th.

In addition, the World Health Organization stressed that no information should be deleted from the interim report on the investigation team’s visit to Wuhan.

Entitlements to a new examination

26 scientists from several countries called on the World Health Organization to open a new investigation into the coronavirus after announcing a decline in the publication of the report on the results of the investigation into the origin of the epidemic, according to the Street Journal.

These scientists confirmed that the global health team’s visit to Wuhan yielded no results because the global health effort is not yet articulated and transparent, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper quoted the head of the global health team that the organization plans to publish a summary of the results of the research with the final report in the coming weeks.

Publication obligation!

The publication of the organization’s report must also be approved by Chinese officials and experts, according to the newspaper.

It is reported that China warned against being charged by Washington on February 14, while the United States expressed concern that Chinese authorities had not disclosed all information to investigators or intervened in one way or another.

A statement from its embassy in Washington took into account that the United States “has already damaged international cooperation on Covid-19 and is now pointing an accusing finger at other countries that sincerely support the World Health Organization and the organization itself”.

Two months before the outbreak of the epidemic

It came after a number of investigators within the UN mission sent to Wuhan to investigate the origin of the epidemic that has gripped the world since the first cases were announced in China in December 2019 found that about 90 people were hospitalized with symptoms very similar to Covid-19. In October, two months before the first epidemic officially appeared.

They also reported that they had pressured Beijing to allow further tests to see if the new virus had spread earlier than previously known.

However, the Chinese authorities confirmed that they had performed antibody tests on about two-thirds of these patients in the past few months, the Wall Street Journal quoted investigators as saying, and found no trace of the virus.

However, members of the WHO investigation team made it clear that antibodies could drop to undetectable levels after a relatively long period of infection and recovery. They urged China to conduct more extensive tests on blood samples taken in Hubei, the province that includes Wuhan City, in the fall of 2019, to look for clues as to when the virus first spread.

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