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Gmail’s new package tracking

In November, Google said you could track packages and deliveries from your Gmail inbox. You can turn it on in Gmail settings if this feature is unavailable.

With this new Gmail feature, you can see when a package is coming right into the inbox below an email. There’s a green truck icon and the words “Arriving [date].”

Gmail has also changed how the information appearing when you open a message looks. It is now on a card with a background made of Dynamic Color. In the top-left corner, you can see a preview of the image, the sender’s name, and the delivery date (“From the carrier”). You might also see an “Order number” for your store that you can quickly copy. Under that is a timeline for your order, with quick links to “Track package” online and “Order details.”

If you have more than one item, you see less information with “Items” truncated than with the old design.

When this feature was announced at the beginning of November, Google said it would be coming soon to both Android and iOS. When it’s ready, a “Track your packages in Gmail” card will appear at the top of your inbox.

Those whose card hasn’t been asked can (on Android) open Gmail Settings from the navigation drawer, choose their email address, scroll down to “General,” and then click “Remove.” Package tracking: “Google will give shipping companies your tracking numbers to keep track of your packages. Here in Gmail, you’ll get updates on what’s happening.”

On iOS, open the settings that have been changed and scroll down until you see “Data privacy.”

If you prefer the old view, you can turn it off. In the coming months, Google plans to “actively show a delay label and move the email to the top of your inbox.” Gmail on the web will also get it.


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