Goa police asks spa visitors to check online reviews to be safe

Panaji, June 4 (IANS) Visiting a spa in Goa’s coastal belt, check online reviews first, North Goa Superintendent of Police Shobhit Saxena said on Saturday, even as the police official said that the uniformed force had proactively started accepting complaints by tourists made online and via social media for investigation.

Saxena also said that tourists should take adequate precaution while visiting night clubs in the popular beach village of Calangute, especially those which have been in the news for negative reasons.

“If you come to Goa, do not listen to touts, if you visit a spa, please be cautious, check the reviews to see what kind of a place you are visiting. If you go towards Calangute beach to party at night, then please verify which place you are going to,” Saxena told reporters.

“There are some clubs where one or two incidents have occurred. We should avoid those and we should tell the people that if you are going to such places, please take care. The Chandgad case which we have registered and cases against the staff at Calangute’s Shield Club and Devil’s Club,” the police official also said.

The Chandgad case referred to by Saxena involves a brutal attack on 11 youngsters from Chandgad sub-district in Maharashtra, who were visiting Goa as tourists last week. The youngsters were lured by a tout on the pretext of a cheap meal and ‘spa treatment’ and were later beaten up by local goons. More than half a dozen persons have been arrested in connection with the case.

Saxena also said that the state police had begun proactively registering complaints made by tourists on social media.