Goa’s biggest lake to get new lease of life

Panaji, May 12 (IANS) Carambolim, the largest lake in Goa which attracts several species of migratory birds, will be beautified and developed for bird watching, Minister of Water Resources Subhash Shirodkar announced on Thursday.

Cattle egrets, white-breasted water hens, and northern pintails are some of the species that visit the lake in the course of their winter flight.

The most common birds seen in this area are: pintal, lesser whistling teal, cattle egret, pond heron, purple moorhen, red-rumped swallow, little egret, bronze-winged jacana, pheasant tailed jacana, coot, shovelers, garganeys, open-billed storks, cotton pygmy goose and marsh harriers, which visit this lake from November to March.

Shirodkar visited the site on Thursday and said that the government will protect this lake for its ecological importance.

“The Carambolim lake is the biggest lake in the state. There are so many possibilities to develop it. A lot of birds come to this lake and we can call this a small bird sanctuary,” he told reporters.

He informed that the Forest Department has control over this lake and the Water Resources Department has taken initiative to develop it.

He added that other lakes in the state will also be conserved.

“Encroachment and pollution in any water body and lake should not be allowed,” he said.