Goldman Sachs expects the Fed to raise interest rates 4 times in 2022

Economists at the Goldman Sachs Group in the US have indicated that the Federal Reserve may tighten monetary policy at every meeting, starting next March.

And “Goldman Sachs” predicted an interest rate hike in March, June, September and December, noting that the Fed will announce the start of the budget cut in July.

US President Joe Biden recently urged the Federal Reserve to reassess its support for the US economy given the strength of the recovery and recent price hikes.

“Given the strength of our economy and recent price increases, it is appropriate, as Federal Reserve Chairman (Jerome) Powell has indicated, to reassess necessary support now,” Biden said. in a press conference in the occasion of his presidency year.

Biden also said the Federal Reserve has the primary function of ensuring that high prices do not strengthen, adding that the best thing about dealing with high prices is for the economy to be more productive.

Goldman Sachs had expected oil prices to hit $ 100 in the second half of quest’year. The bank justified this by reducing the impact of the “Omicron” virus on demand and increasing the disruption of supply chains.

He said these factors contributed to the continuing deficit in the global oil market. The bank has raised its forecast for Brent crude over the years in course and over the next few years at $ 95 and $ 105 respectively.

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