Goldman Sachs: The markets have not yet reached the “danger zone” levels.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs said in a note to his clients that high valuations and the recovery from a bear market to one of the strongest rates in history have made stocks vulnerable to a corrective move to the downside, but the recent decline does not indicate that the markets have reached levels of ” risk zone “yet.

And the US bank added today, Wednesday: “Although it has not reached the danger zone levels that usually precede a bear market (which means a drop of at least 20%), it has reached levels that usually correspond to movements. corrective and relatively low yields in a period from one year to one. Five years to come.

US stocks fell on Tuesday, hitting losses this month of nearly 9%, due to uncertainty surrounding the increasingly rigid direction of the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank), as well as rising geopolitical tensions, which have pushed investors to sell technology stocks, the prices of which rose.

Goldman Sachs said the markets are in a corrective phase in an upward market cycle.

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