Gollum: Lowest Rated Game of the Year – Daedalic Entertainment Promises Fixes for Lord of the Rings Title and Teases Future Projects

Gollum: The Lowest Rated Game of the Year?

Announced as a clever mix between infiltration software and the Lord of the Rings universe, Gollum finally proved to be not so precious as that. A few days ago, the ratings on Daedalic Entertainment’s latest game dropped… they’re not kind. On (opinion aggregator supposed to represent the “general opinion” of the press), it’s a 36/100 for the version PS5, 41/100 on PC. Enough to make Gollum the lowest-rated title of the year, according to the famous site. For a few days, on Twitter, amateur videos illustrating its many bugs have not stopped. On May 26, the studio preferred to issue a press release – where he says, “sincerely apologize”.

In the same message, Daedalic pledges to “provide fixes” so that players can eventually enjoy Gollum at son “full potential”. At the same time, the team also mentions “transparent communication” with other speaking engagements to come! Announced in 2019, the title of Lord of the Rings has undergone a change of publisher (Nacon) as well as several postponements.

After Gollum, other Lord of the Rings games?

Above all, Daedalic Entertainment would not have finished with The Lord of the Rings yet. The German media claims that Gollum is the “first of several games based on the famous license” at this same studio… As reported by the team is reportedly working on an “It’s Magic” project, which is expected to be announced next year. Maybe a connection with the Elves? Alongside this new title: an MMO Lord of the Rings is being developed by Amazon.

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