Good news from WhatsApp these features are now available

WhatsApp has announced the availability of the functionality to interact with messages with emojis, as well as increasing the size of the files that can be shared with others.

On his official blog, WhatsApp said: “We are happy to share that the emoji interaction is now available on the latest version of the app.” The company has promised to continue “improving the functionality by adding a wider range of emojis.” in future”.

WhatsApp explained what users are now in capable of sharing files up to 2 gigabytes, a huge leap from the previous 100 megabyte limit.

The company also announced that it will soon double the maximum user size in group chats from 256 to 512 users in a single chat group.

And WhatsApp announced last month that it was testing a new feature called “community” which aims to organize groups in larger structures in so that they can be used in workplaces and schools.

WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart said the feature will bring groups, which have up to 256 users, under larger umbrellas. in whose managers can send notifications to a gathering of thousands of people.

“It targets communities you are already a part of in your life and creates a special connection,” added Cathcart in an interview with Reuters, referring to other similar types of framework communications like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

He stated that there are currently no plans to charge for the new feature, that is in trial phase with a small number of global communities, but did not rule out providing “special features for business” in future.

The messaging service, which is encrypted between sender and recipient and has around two billion users, said the communities functionality will also be encrypted on both sides.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on the blog last month that (communities) will be up and running in the coming months. He added that Meta will create community messaging features for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

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