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Google accusations “racists pay less to blacks”!

After the California Civil Rights Regulatory Authority began investigating how the global search engine “Google” treated its black employees and whether they were subject to workplace discrimination following a lawsuit filed against it, the US authorities have moved.

A lawsuit filed Friday accused Google of systematic racial bias against black employees, saying the company was giving them low-level jobs, paying them less and denying them opportunities for promotion because of their race.

hostile work environment

The lawsuit also added that Google is pursuing a “racist culture” that favors white men, with blacks making up just 4.4% of its employees and about 3% of its leadership and technology workforce.

The actor, April Curley, also said that Alphabet’s Google has subjected blacks to a hostile work environment, including often requiring them to show their identity or questioning them from security at its Mountain View office. in California.

Google (Shutterstock)

‘marketing ploy’

Curley said Google hired her in 2014 to design an outreach program for historic black colleges, adding that it revealed that her hiring was a “marketing ploy” since the manager they started discrediting her job as an “angry” black woman and ignoring her in promotions.

She also confirmed that Google fired her in September 2020 after she and her colleagues began working on a list of necessary fixes.

The lawsuit was filed in the San Jose Federal Court, in California.

Although Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment, Reuters reported.

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