Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription: What This Means for Users and Future Options

Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription Service


Google has announced the discontinuation of its Pixel Pass subscription service, which provided users with a Pixel phone alongside premium services for a monthly fee.

End of Pixel Pass

According to a support page on Google’s website, the company will no longer accept new purchases or renewals for the Pixel Pass subscription. However, Google did not offer a specific reason for this decision.

Google’s Statement

When asked about the discontinuation of the service, Google stated, “We offer the best value of our hardware products and give users the flexibility to purchase their favorite services. We continue to evaluate offers based on customer feedback and provide different ways for them to access the best of Google.”

Pixel Pass Launch

Google initially introduced the Pixel Pass service in 2021, coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 6 smartphone series. This subscription bundle included not only the latest Pixel device, but also premium services such as 200GB storage with Google One, Google Play Pass for premium games and apps, and YouTube Premium.

Continued Access for Subscribers

Existing subscribers will be able to use their Pixel Pass for two years from the date of their subscription. After that, they will have the option to upgrade their Pixel device and receive a $100 discount, as mentioned on the support page. Google also stated that once the Pixel Pass subscription period ends, its services subscriptions will “automatically renew at a discount,” without specifying the exact cost of the complete bundle.

Limitations and Exclusions

It’s worth noting that Google did not include the Pixel 7a or Pixel Fold in the Pixel Pass subscription service. Additionally, the service remained limited to the United States and was not expanded to other regions.

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