Google Introduces Imagen Editor: A New Image Editing Tool Utilizing AI and Text Commands

Google’s Imagen Editor: A Revolutionary Image Editing Tool


Google has officially announced a new image editing tool called Imagen Editor that allows users to make specific changes to images in based on the text commands the user types.

Easy to Use

Google has designed its new tool to be easy to use, so all the user has to do is upload the desired image, select the area you want to change within the image, then write the adjustments you want to make, in so that the Imagen Editor tool will immediately implement them within the area specified without affecting the rest of the image.

Accurate Results

Google has offered many examples, including an example of a dog image, and when you select the dog’s body and type “red space suit with a white star,” the tool accurately integrates the space suit into the area specified. Similarly, the tool added a “cardboard rocket” and “blue gaming headset” to the dog image with astonishing accuracy.


The tool can perform many other tasks such as erasing unwanted elements in the background, changing the color of the sky in the image, adding elements accurately that match the character of the image without spoiling it, as well as changing some elements completely in other things, or completing images and other useful tasks that currently requires a lot of time and many steps to complete it using traditional methods, as well as extensive experience with photo editing programs.

Artificial Intelligence

As is clear, this tool relies on artificial intelligence to analyze images and elements they contain, as well as to understand the text commands that the user writes.

Accessible for Everyone

This tool will allow ordinary users who have no experience with software advanced photo editing tools to make complex edits in a few seconds.

Credits and Limitations

The developers of Google Imagen Editor thanked the authors of the research for the DALL-E 2 AI image generation model for allowing them to use their model output to develop the tool. While the Imagen Editor tool has the potential to turn the world of image editing and photography upside down, Google has decided not to release the tool to the public at this time, out of fear of image manipulation misuse. All the technical details of the instrument have been made available to interested professionals. Google hasn’t set a date for releasing the tool to the public, but if it does, it would need to take drastic measures, such as placing metadata and tags inside images to show they’ve been modified by the tool.

Other Related Tools

It is reported that Google is currently testing the text conversion feature in an image within various applications such as the Google Slides presentation application and also announced the Magic editor in the Photos application previously, and these are tools that Google has promised to provide to the public.

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