Google is shutting down its dedicated Street View app

You can add the standalone Street View app to the list of Google products that have been discontinued. When 9to5Google took apart the latest version of the Android app, they found shutdown notices that the company hadn’t yet made public. In these notices, the tech giant says that the Street View app is going away and will no longer be supported after March 21, 2023. Madison Gouveia, a spokesperson for the company, told The Verge that the app is going away. Gouveia also told the publication that Google will remove Street View from app stores in the coming weeks.

Google street view

In 2015, Google said that Street View would become its app. You can upload your spherical photos from your phone or spherical cameras. It works on both Android and iOS. Last year, the company also started a feature called “Photo Paths,” which lets you send in a series of 2D photos of roads and places that a Street View car (or camel or sheep) hasn’t been to.

Street View will still be an essential part of Google Maps, so you can virtually visit all the places the tech giant filmed with its cameras. Using Street View Studio, you can keep adding Photo Spheres to Maps and putting out 360-degree videos. But, as 9to5Google points out, once Google shuts down the Street View app for good, there will be no way to add Photo Paths. Google Maps will still be able to show Photo Path images that have already been sent in.