Google Nest Hub user sees stranger’s doorbell video

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Picture that you’re strolling by your Google Nest Hub and the display lights up to show the doorbellcamera Somebody’s at the door, sounding thebell This would all appear entirely typical, however what if you do not have a doorbell camera?

That appears to be what occurred toa Reddit user this week The user’s partner saw what seems doorbell camera video footage on their Google Nest Hub, however the patio in the shot wasn’t from their ownhome In fact, the just clever home item the family has is the Nest Hub, making it difficult for anything they own to have actually produced the video footage.

The family had the ability to capture the last couple of seconds of the doorbell video footage, which you can see here:

On the/ r/GoogleHome subreddit, the family posted the Google Nest Hub video above with the concern, “Is this your house?”

Surprisingly, a Reddit user with Google style– recommending they are a Google employee– chimed in after about an hour of the post striking the website. The user stated they would be reaching out directly to the poster to deal with the problem.

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The thread is otherwise filled with concerns and commentary from various Redditors. The most common concern was whether the patio seen in the video clip looked like something from the area and whether it would be possible that next-door neighbors might be linked to their Wi-Fi. The individual who posted the clip declares that the patio does not look like any they know of, so it is not likely that this is from their area.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time something like this has actually taken place. Not too long earlier, Google removed Xiaomi’s access to specific clever home services after some Xiaomi clever display screens began revealing random camera feeds. Google restored Xiaomi’s access to services rapidly, however, most likely after some sort of changes were made to avoid it from taking placeagain

Other than the Google employee appearing in the Reddit thread, Google hasn’t made any official declaration on this matter.

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