Google plans to launch its smart watch next year with these specs

Google is developing a smartwatch that it plans to launch next year as the search giant is giving a new boost to wearable technology.

The device, name in Rohan internal code, is showing the latest version of Google’s smartwatch operating system to customers and partners, according to internal documents reviewed by Insiders and several current and former employees.

Google has so far chosen to make the smartwatch operating system made by partners like Samsung. But he didn’t create his own device.

And unlike the Apple Watch, the Google Watch is round and has no physical bezels, according to technical renderings seen by Insiders and employees who have seen it. And like the Apple Watch, it captures health and fitness.

Work accelerated in Rohan quest’year. The company allowed employees outside the team of smartwatches to test the device and provide feedback.

The watch is sometimes referred to internally as a Pixel Watch or Android Watch. But executives used a variety of names to refer to the project. As a result, it is unclear which brand the company will choose.

The existence of a smartwatch named in Rohan code had previously been reported by the famous leaker John Prosser.

Google has big plans for its wearable business. It closed a $ 2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit in January.

Fitbit said it intends to make devices with Google’s operating system. However, Google does not currently intend to brand the Rohan watch as Fitbit.

The Rohan watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor and offers basic health monitoring features such as step count. In its current form, the watch requires daily recharging.

An employee who tested the watch complained that charging was slow. Like the Apple Watch, Google’s wearables also use proprietary straps, according to the Arab tech news portal.

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