Google Senior Manager warns: Artificial Intelligence poses deadly threat to humanity!

The Potential Existential Risks of Artificial Intelligence

The importance of artificial intelligence is no longer a secret to anyone, especially as several studies have indicated that it will end many current jobs and could one day replace humans.

The Disadvantages of AI

However, many disadvantages of this system have started to emerge: sometimes we hear about a scammer who used AI technology for theft and others talk about impersonation incidents.

The Potential Existential Risk of AI

Existential Risk

In this context, Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, explained that the vast models of artificial intelligence pose an existential threat to humanity.

He warned that artificial intelligence (AI) will have the potential to harm or kill many people in the near future.

He also expressed concern about the “existential danger” of the technology in rapidly evolving and warned that it would be difficult to contain, explaining that many, many, many people would be harmed or killed.

The Capabilities of AI

Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council conference in London that there are near scenarios that speak to AI systems that will be in able to discover gaps and problems in Inte and new types of biology.

He also pointed out that this is today’s fantasy, but the logic is likely to be correct, pointing out that when this happens, the bad guys will be ready to use these systems.

The Comparison to Nuclear Technology

This warning comes in one moment in to which the official also stressed the difficulty the world could have in controlling the spread of artificial intelligence, which he compared to the advent of nuclear technology.

Artificial Neural Networks

It has been reported that AI systems usually rely on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), which try to mimic the way in how the brain works to learn.

Artificial neuralworks can also be trained to recognize patterns in information, including speech, text data or visual images, and are the basis for a large number of advances in artificial intelligence in recent years.

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