Google Testing ‘Playables’: Gamify Your YouTube Experience with Instant Gaming on Mobile and Desktop

Google Testing “Playables” to Allow Users to Play Games via YouTube

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is reportedly testing a new product called “Playables”, which would enable players to play games on mobile devices or desktop computers through YouTube.

The product aims to provide users with the opportunity to play games instantly using the YouTube app on their mobile devices, similar to Google Stadia.

Google Stadia was a cloud-based gaming platform that allowed players to stream their game library on Chrome and Chromecast devices. However, it did not gain the expected user traction, leading to its closure plans announced in September 2022.

It is currently unknown if Playables will utilize the same technology as Stadia or if it will offer more than basic game titles in its initial stage.

Previously, Google attempted to leverage Stadia’s technology by offering it to third parties like Peloton for gamified versions of their workouts. However, this initiative has also been shut down.

Despite the challenges faced by Stadia, Google continues to explore opportunities in the gaming industry, with Playables being their latest endeavor.

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