Google will stop offering Duplex on the Web

Assistants could use the technology to do things like buy movie tickets online and more.

Google will stop offering Duplex on the Web.


Soon, another Google service will join the apps that Google has stopped supporting. This week, the search giant quietly said it is ending Duplex on the Web. The company says on a support page that the service will stop working at the end of 2022. “As we keep making Duplex better, we’re listening to what users and developers have to say about how to make it even better,” a Google representative told the outlet. “By the end of this year, we’ll stop using Duplex on the Web and focus on making AI improvements to the Duplex voice technology that helps most people every day.”

As an extension of its Duplex phone reservation AI, Google first announced Duplex on the Web in 2019. The feature was first made to help Android users buy movie tickets. Thanks to Duplex on the Web, the assistant could find its way around websites. If you save your credit card information in Chrome, Assistant can buy movie tickets for you without you having to do anything. Google later added more to the feature to protect users’ data from being stolen online. At one time, you could also use it to check into flights and keep track of sales.

TechCrunch thinks that the reason Google is shutting down Duplex on the Web may have something to do with how much it costs to teach an AI to read websites. The support page for this feature says that Google used a special user agent to crawl websites as often as several times a day. Also, if website administrators stopped the crawler from indexing their content, Duplex’s performance on the Web could be significantly affected.

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