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Gotham Knights Trophy List

The full list of Gotham Knights awards, as provided by truetrophies, is shown below. 39 bronze awards, seven silver trophies, two gold trophies, and one platinum trophy are all included on the list.


Platinum Trophy

  • Heir to the Cowl – Earn every Trophy in Gotham Knights

Gold Trophies

  • He’d Be So Proud of You – Reach the maximum level as any Batman family member.
  • Expert Crime Fighter – Prevent 250 crimes in Gotham City

Silver Trophies

  • Snow Problem – Keep your cool and survive the storm at Elliott Center
  • Universal Health Scare – Go to Gotham City General Hospital after visiting hours
  • Rock and a Hard Place – Crack the case at Gotham Reservoir
  • End of an Era – Complete all Villain Case Files
  • A Momentum Occasion – Unlock all Momentum Abilities as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood
  • Not On My Watch – Successfully stop all Premeditated Crimes in a single night
  • Dressed to Impress – Craft a complete set of Legendary equipment (Suit, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon)

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Bronze Trophies

  • Loose Ends – Complete Case File 01: BATMAN’S LAST CASE
  • Whispered Words – Complete Case File 02: THE RABBIT HOLE
  • Lock and Key – Complete Case File 03: IN THE SHADOWS
  • Bad Apples in Every Orchard – Complete Case File 04: THE MASQUERADE
  • From Inside Gotham’s Walls – Complete Case File 05: THE COURT OF OWLS
  • Voiceless – Complete Case File 06: JACOB KANE
  • Seeking Asylum – Complete Case File 07: THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS
  • Gotham Knight – Complete Case File 08: HEAD OF THE DEMON
  • To the Victor Go the Spoils – Uncover a new problem at S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Quartzer Life Crisis – Investigate the disruption at Quartz Labs
  • Cooldown – Put an inmate back behind Blackgate’s bars
  • Har, Har, Har, Very Funny – Visit an unlikely source at Blackgate Penitentiary
  • Get ReQ’d – Discover a sketchy self-help program in Gotham’s streets
  • Working Hard or Harley Working? – Interrupt a presentation at the Monarch Theater
  • Something in the Clay – Unearth a Villain who shouldn’t be in Gotham City
  • The Show Mud Go On – Crash a film set and anger the director
  • The Batman Family – Play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Complete all 16 Training Area exercises
  • Gotham City Confidential – Find all of Bruce Wayne’s hidden audio recordings
  • Solid Alibi – Successfully protect Batman’s secret identity
  • Bat Out of Hell – Complete every Batcycle time trial
  • Knighthood – Reach Knighthood with Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood
  • A Worthy Successor – Unlock the final Knighthood Ability tier for any member of the
  • Batman Family
  • First Step Into the Knight – Unlock an Ability for the first time
  • Unstoppable Force – Unlock all four Momentum bars as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood
  • Family Meeting – Defeat 30 Mob Godmothers
  • Shock Til They Drop – Defeat 45 Regulator Shockers
  • Drone You Out – Defeat 30 Regulator Drone Masters
  • Bulldozed – Defeat 30 Freaks Bulldozers
  • Out of Their League – Defeat 45 League of Shadows Assassins and 30 Rocketeers
  • The Man-Bat Family – Defeat 10 Man-Bats in Gotham City
  • Talonted – Defeat 40 Feral Talons, 25 Gladiator Talons, and 15 Hunter Talons
  • In Your Element – Inflict Elemental Effects on enemies 50 times
  • Claiming the Mural High Ground – Discover all the murals for Tim’s Gotham City Street Art project
  • History Major – Locate all Landmarks of Gotham City
  • Batarang Collector – Retrieve every hidden Batarang in Gotham City
  • Read Owl About It – Collect all missing pages from the mythical Historia Strigidae
  • Protector of Gotham – Complete 50 Challenges
  • Fusion Expert – Acquire 50 Modchips via mod fusion


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