Governor of Marib: we will eliminate the Iranian Houthi militia project

The Yemeni governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, confirmed today, Saturday, that the governorate has resisted and will resist the Iranian project, and that the Iranian Houthi militia will not reach its goal, and that the Yemenis will see in the coming days what it is. eyes will recognize.

Al-Arada promised, in a declaration to the media after the meeting of the security committee, that Marib, since the Iranian Houthi militia had broken the nose of the Iranian militia in the beginning, will eventually eliminate this project, pointing out that the fall of some directions, whether in Al-Bayda, Shabwa or Marib, it is not defective, and this is due to the nature of the wars.

The governor of Marib assessed the Alliance’s stance to uphold legitimacy and its support for the Yemeni people, noting that the alliance has entered in a strategy in the face of an Iranian tide that realizes its dimensions, roots, starting points and objectives, and finds that the Yemeni people are a shield and a shoulder to him, and he must be close to them.

He explained that Iran entered with its power and managed the battle from within Sanaa through its officers and experts present, which intensifies the responsibility on the coalition brothers to stand on Yemen’s side and restore Sanaa.

The Ma’rib governor pointed out that Yemenis in areas under the control of the Houthi militia live under duress and do not want the Houthis to remain for a moment, citing the large and massive shift towards liberated governorates.

He stressed that this shift intensifies the responsibilities of the local authority in Marib, and it is imperative that the government take its responsibility in supporting the local authority to overcome the burdens that come with it.

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