Governor Shabwa: We continue to fight the Houthis and the Minister of Defense promises big wins

Yemeni Defense Minister Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi has promised that the next few days will see transformations at all levels, up to the defeat of the Houthi militia, which suffers continuous defeats and setbacks on various fronts.

Al-Maqdashi added that the recent defeats of the Houthi militia in Shabwa and Marib It will be the beginning of great victories expected by the Yemeni people, which will soon be obtained.

In turn, the governor of Shabwa confirmed to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that Yemeni forces, backed by the coalition in support of legitimacy, are close to declaring Shabwa a ‘area completely liberated from the Houthi militias and their remnants of war. He also stressed the continuation of the war against the Houthis in other provinces.

The Shabwa governor called on the coalition to uphold legitimacy in Yemen, support infrastructure projects and provide health services, water projects and schools for the governorate after Houthi militias were expelled.

The victories on the ground in Shabwa manifested themselves in the liberation of the districts of Usaylan and Bayhan, and in the completion of the liberation of the district of “Ain”, the last of the districts of Shabwa. The battles extended to the Governorate of Al-Bayda, where the Brigades of the Giants were able to advance inarea of “Al-Massaha”, where the District of Numan is the center of the first districts of the Governorate of Al-Bayda.

A source from the Giants’ Brigades confirmed that the brigade’s decision is to continue the battle until the provinces of Al-Bayda and Ma’rib are liberated.

Engineering teams are also working to clear mines planted by militias on roads and public places in Shabwa.

On Sunday, the Yemeni Mine Observatory said all areas of Usailan and Bayhan Shabwa suffer from high contamination from mines, explosive devices and unexploded devices, urging citizens to pay attention and displaced people to wait and not return quickly to their homes. , explaining that i team of engineers are currently working hard to clear those areas of mines.

A civilian was killed when a Houthi mine exploded while on a motorcycle on a secondary road, two days after the deaths of 5 civilians and others seriously injured, west of Shabwa governorate in southeastern Yemen.

On the Marib front, the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance continued their advance into the theaters of combat operations in the southern front of the Ma’rib Governorate.

In the last few hours he managed to defeat the Houthi militia from several locations on the southern front, following a massive attack that inflicted heavy human and material losses on the militia.

This coincided with an intense artillery bombardment by Coalition to Support Legittimacy fighters, targeting Houthi militia sites and reinforcements on various fronts south and west of Ma’rib.

Interestingly, these developments on the ground come a week after the Yemeni army and the giants launched a simultaneous campaign on the fronts of Shabwa and Ma’rib governorates, during which they made tangible progress. in both governorates.

In September 2021, the Houthis took control of 3 districts south of Shabwa, including the Asilan district, which was recaptured by legitimate government forces a few days ago, as well as the Bayhan and Ain districts.

While militias have launched a campaign on the oil-rich Marib since last February (2021) to control it, they have made only slight progress, despite the violent attacks on the area, which is teeming with millions of displaced people.

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