GP Explorer 2: French Streamers Race to Sell Out as 60,000 Spectators Secure Spots in Record Time

GP Explorer 2: French Streamers Compete in Le Mans Formula 4 Race

Places Sold Out in Record Time

The GP Explorer 2 will be one of the biggest streaming events in France, as duos of French streamers compete against each other in a Formula 4 race at Le Mans. Despite taking a long time to become official, the event gained a lot of attention. Squeezie, a prominent French streamer, teased a big announcement at 7 p.m. in April, while Lucas Hauchard announced the creation of an eSports structure called GentleMates. Squeezie also promises a better reception and an increase in spectator capacity from 40,000 to 60,000, the equivalent of a Stade de France. However, ticket sales sold out within 30 minutes of opening, leaving many fans disappointed.

A Planned Resale Site to Control Prices

Some fans may have attempted to resell their tickets for a profit, which caught the attention of Squeezie’s team and leboncoin, a popular French online marketplace. Leboncoin issued a statement saying that the sale of dematerialized tickets is prohibited. The GP Explorer 2’s official website stated that a resale site will be available from June to guarantee the validity of tickets. It will also control prices to prevent resellers from making too much money.

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