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Fallout New Vegas: A Cult Post-Apocalyptic Video Game

You surely know the Fallout license as it is cult with many players around the world. this universe post-apocalyptic resulting from a global nuclear war first emerged in 1997, and won over many players. Since then, sequels have been released, and on can cite Fallout New Vegas which is one of the most popular titles of fans of the franchise. At JV, this title had received a score of 17/20 by the editors, at the time, that is to say in 2010. In this new opus, the factions had been greatly highlighted, which was part of items highlighted in our test. Moreover, what was greatly appreciated is also the impressive richness of son environment and the possibilities it offers to players.

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Fallout New Vegas free on the Epic Games Store

If you have never played this Fallout, or simply have never touched the license, the moment is finally here! Yes, on the Epic Games Store he is possible to get Fallout New Vegas for free until june first at exactly 5 p.m. It is accompanied by all its extensions as well as content packs. Even 13 years later, this title is an essential video game where it is always interesting to launch a new game with different statistics and choices in order to explore all the scenario possibilities offered.

This role-playing game gives the real sensation of progressing in this universe ravaged by nuclear war. Depending on how you decided to play your character, it will be possible to be more and more persuasive and to easily get out of delicate situations, or else to use the force of your fists to and use the force as a means of defence. In short, this title with many possibilities is available for free, so it’s worth restarting a game or discovering the game!