Grain silos are in the port of Beirut in Danger . a “death sentence” is imminent

Against die Grain silos in a “death sentence” was imposed Beirut HarborExperts have warned that grain silos in the port of Beirut, die were badly damaged as they absorbed most of the storm from the massive explosion, die Large parts of the Lebanese capital that were destroyed last summer have to be demolished because it is a dilapidated building.

Aman Engineering, the Swiss company that helped Lebanon laser scan grain waste at the port after the disastrous explosion on Aug. 4, said the irradiated silo block was “unstable and unstable today.” mobile Structure”.

“Our recommendation is to continue dismantling this huge block of concrete,” she added in added a report released on Monday, warning “how clear has become.” die Concrete pillars suffered severe damage . new silos must be “built in a different location.”

“No way”

In addition, the company stated that “die Facts show that there is no way in the medium term die Ensure security as the north block (of the building) remains as it is, “stressing that die Damage to some silos was severe in that these silos are being tipped over at a dangerous speed.

She explained that these silos “are trending at a rate of 2mm per day, which is a great deal from a structural point of view.” This shows that “to compare the Pisa Tower in Italy was tilted about 5 mm per year by special technical measures prior to its installation “.

This “death sentence” against grain silos increased die Food security concerns in Lebanon, a country grappling with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis.

It is noteworthy that Economy Minister Raul Nehme announced last November that die Government would destroy this garbage, which was the largest grain warehouse in the country, for public safety reasons. However, the authorities have not yet made a decision in this regard.

One of the food security valves

And after these absurdities, with their huge 48-meter-high concrete structure and enormous load-bearing capacity of more than 100,000 tons, were viewed as one of the food security valves for Lebanon, it is now a symbol of die catastrophic explosion, die killed more than 200 people and injured more than 6,500 others and inflicted serious damage. In the port and in a number of districts of the capital.

The explosion occurred in a hangar in the harbor, in which, according to the authorities, has been using large amounts of ammonium nitrate for years without die lowest compliance with the security requirements had been stored.

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