Great Britain: 5 million people over the age of 16 have not received the Corona vaccine

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid announced that more than 5 million people over the age of 16 have not yet received Corona vaccines.

The minister’s speech comes after Britain announced it was “following closely” the spread of A new Corona mutant has branched out from “Delta” in the country, while Israel has taken over The first infection with a new strain.

The Israeli health ministry said Tuesday in a statement that “the mutant has been detected with the code (AY4.2), which is registered in several European countries “, according to AFP.

In detail, the submutate appeared in an 11 year old boy from Europe. He was identified at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and placed in quarantine, according to the ministry, which confirmed that no other cases had been recorded since.

Interestingly, the emergence of this new mutant, despite the severe infection caused by the mutant delta, raises fears about the possibility of a larger outbreak.

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