Great Britain announces the suspension of fiscal cooperation with Russia

The UK announced Thursday in a statement on the suspension of the “exchange and sharing of tax information with Russia and Belarus” as part of the sanctions imposed in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The statement said the UK government’s announcement “will ensure that the UK will not provide the Putin regime (Russian President Vladimir) with information that could increase revenue or tax revenues for Russia.”

The UK government has said the measure has entered in force on Thursday and represented “one of the many financial measures taken” by the British authorities “to support Ukraine and inflict economic hardship” on the Kremlin.

On Tuesday, Britain imposed an additional 35% tariff on a wide range of Russian imports, from vodka to steel, and banned the country’s luxury goods exports against the backdrop of Ukraine’s invasion of Ukraine. Fly.

“We want to do maximum damage to Putin’s war machine (Russian President Vladimir) by minimizing the impact on British companies,” the International Trade Department said.

Britain and other Western countries have imposed severe punitive measures on Russia since the start of its attack on Ukraine on February 24.

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