Great Britain confirms the third dose of “Virus” .. This is its effectiveness

Britain announced today Thursday that the third dose of the virus vaccine produces 10 times more antibodies than the second.

And last month, the researchers in Britain said the protection provided by receiving two doses of the Pfizer / Biontech and Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines begins to wear off within 6 months, indicating the need for booster doses.

An analysis of data collected by the application company “Zoe Covid” concluded that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine decreased from 88% per month after receiving the second dose to 74% after five to six months. For the AstraZeneca vaccine, efficacy dropped from 77 to 67 percent after four to five months, according to Reuters.

The studio It also drew on data from more than one million users of the application and compared injuries reported by owners of those who received the vaccine and injuries from a group that did not receive the vaccine.

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