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Great Britain Dead, closed roads and uprooted trees by storm Irwin


At least 3 people died in the UK after the first winter storm of the year hit parts of the country with winds of nearly 160km / h.

Also, the storm, which the country’s Met Office called Irwin, hit in particular parts of Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, causing road closures, train delays, power outages and high waves.

Three men died – one in any affected area – due to fallen trees.

Although the worst of the storm appears to be over, residents were advised to watch out for travel on Saturday, as rail networks reported disruptions to some services amid still strong winds and heavy snowfall.

“Storm Irwin produced dangerously strong winds overnight, with gusts of over 90 mph,” said Steve Ramsdale, chief expert of the Met Office. Strong winds will move south in all over the UK during the day and will gradually weaken.

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