Great Britain: i test Crown for arrivals are no longer needed

The British government has relaxed travel restrictions in England, despite the outbreak of coronavirus cases.

The government confirmed that i test pre-travel to Corona are no longer needed for England.

At the level of the United States, despite the high number of injuries, the White House stressed that schools remain open to students.

In France, the death toll for Corona’s injured today has approached 335,000.

For its part, announced Hong Kong banned flights from 8 countries after the outbreak on Wednesday Omicron mutated from the Corona virus, as it began infecting air crews and spread in city, which seeks to implement a rigorous strategy “zero Covid “.

“Passenger flights from those countries will not be able to land in Hong Kong and the people who have resided there in those countries will not be able to board flights to Hong Kong, including transit flights, “Carrie Lam, the city executive, told reporters.

He explained that the decision includes Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Great Britain and the United States.

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