Great Britain: lack of “cruises” hinders Russian attacks in Ukraine

As it has declined slightly in recent times, the UK MoD has revealed that ammunition shortages remain likely to be the biggest factor limiting operations offensive Russian in Ukraine.

The ministry added on its Twitter account that the limited availability of “cruise missiles” has also reduced Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

He also said that Moscow has strengthened its power in Ukraine with tens of thousands of reservists since last October.

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The Russian decision to step up forces came after Russia stepped up its rocket attacks on Ukraine in recent weeks, blaming Kiev for the explosion that destroyed the Crimean bridge.

The strikes also affected energy plants in Kiev, causing power outages.

Russia resorts to parades and cruises

Russia has deployed its newly called up reservists in first line.

Operations are in course

Interestingly, the Russian military operation in Ukraine is in been going on since last February.

And units of the Russian army are trying to extend full control over the Ukrainian regions and strike the positions of the Kiev forces.

While questThe latter continues to resist and tries to reconquer its lands with the material and military support of the Western powers.

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